Why Plan at Work for Long-Term Care?

Benefits For You And Your Family To Start Your Long-Term Care Planning

Cindy Eisenhower, Long-Term Care Consultant for ACSIA Partners, explores the issues of long-term care.

Start Planning Today!

There are several important reasons to start your Long-Term Care Planning at work:

  • Access to Broad Coverage
  • Portability if you change employers
  • Federal tax incentives (and state incentives may apply in some states)
  • Tax-free benefits when you need care
  • Eligibility for your spouse and extended family members
  • Savings when your spouse applies with you
  • Discounted rates

But the biggest reason of all to start your Long-Term Care Planning at work is:

One-time Opportunity for New Hires to Apply with Simplified Underwriting

One of the most important aspects of Long-Term Care Planning is “your money may pay your premiums, but your health buys your protection.”

The underwriting process for individual protection is extremely rigorous in examining your past and potential future health. When you apply for protection through work that process is greatly simplified. Although not a guarantee of coverage, it makes it much easier to qualify.

New Employees who were not eligible for past enrollments, have two options to enroll:

(1) You can apply immediately under Full Underwriting with the 5% discount or

(2) You can apply during the next annual enrollment period under the Simplified Issue underwriting concession with the 5% Discount. 

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