Long-Term Care Facts

Research and Statistics to Help You Develop a Long-Term Care Plan for You and Your family

To understand how important it is to start planning for long-term care, you need to know how relevant it is to your current situation and how likely you may need help.

The video above points out some startling statistics about long-term care in America:

  • Our 65 and over population will double in the next 40 years.
  • We’re living longer, but chronic health conditions lead to a declining quality of life.
  • In addition, dementia affects 10% of us over age 65, rising to 14 of all men age 85 and over and nearly 13 of all women age 85 and over.
  • Limitations in ability to perform Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL’s) and Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) create significant needs for assistance.
  • Informal caregivers assume significant responsibilities to assist with our self-care, mobility, transportation and health care.
  • Costs of care vary widely depending on the type of service and where care is provided.

Don’t wait to start planning for the long-term care needs of yourself and your family. Get started today!

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